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Check out my other not so tame blog
Check out my other not so tame blog
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The Confessions of a Reformed Cougar Trilogy

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Confessions of a Reformed Cougar -The Accidental Cougar, Younger Isn't Necessarily Better, The Second Time is the Charm

Janet didn’t set out to be a cougar; it was actually quite accidental.  Somehow though, she is always ending up with younger men.  Of course looking fabulous does nothing to hurt the situation.  Her skin is smooth and wrinkle free.  She certainly doesn’t wear her hair like a 43 year old woman.  And, the unwritten rule among the women in her family is no gray hair!  She certainly doesn’t dress like a woman her age either. 


She has actually lost track of how many times she has heard the phrase: “I thought you were younger…”  It seems to run in the family. 

 None of the women in her family look their age.  It had to be something in their bloodline.

 Janet is the creative type, an artist, with boundless energy so she spends a lot of time in her studio pouring herself into her work.  When she is creating her paintings, nothing else in the world seems to matter.  When she is creating, she isn’t a love-starved, abused housewife.  She is the creator of soul touching works of art. She also spends a great deal of time at art festivals, museums or art galleries. She is a study in contradictions… She exudes class and sophistication but she has a mouth like a drunken sailor or better yet, a marine drill sergeant. 


It’s not that she lacks vocabulary she merely uses the “colorful language” for emphasis.  She is the type of lady that is not afraid to tell you exactly what is on her mind. 


In Volume 2: "Younger Isn't Necessarily Better," Janet decides to explore other dating options with some interesting and entertaining results...  Check them both out, you won't be sorry.


Volume 3: "The Second time is the Charm was released April 11, 2016. In her latest escapades, Janet is tempted to give Sammy another chance but she loves Austin deeply and cannot seem to let him go...


We won't be traveling as much in 2018. I will be doing some local events closer to home though. Follow me on social media to see what I've been up to lately.

Order the Trilogy for just  $25! Contact me via Facebook Messenger if you have questions or constructive criticism.



Order all three of the books in the "Confessions of a Reformed Cougar" series with this link
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